Cardboard drums

Green Can cardboard drum is a solution for industrial packing needs when bearing environment in mind. Green Can enables the most demanding product appearances as well as effective and splendid arrangements in shop premises. Strong drums keep their shape during transportation and storage and are easy to handle.

Green Can drums are made of recycled cardboard. For food industry packages are made of cardboard approved for food packages. After the use they can be utilized as raw material by recycling or as a source of energy by burning. Lids and handles are made of recyclable plastics.

  • A rectangular drum with module dimensioning
  • UN II and III approval
  • Plastic lids are easy to open and shut tightly
  • Functional size alternatives of ca. 4 liters, 7 liters and 12 liters
  • High quality offset printed labels
  • Excellent for technochemical and food industry products as well as promotional items
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